Fare Thee Well 2021! The word of the Lord for 2022

What is the Lord saying for 2022? With a grateful heart, say farewell to 2021 and look forward to 2022

Fare Thee Well, 2021!

Thank you, 2021, for the wisdom, patience, and strength that I developed through the challenges you brought my way.

2021, I promise never to forget the truths I learned as I journeyed through the past 365 days with you. Thank you for the laughter, the joy, and the victories you provided me. Thank you for the challenges that provided me with the opportunity to grow in faith, trust, compassion, and grace.

But now it is time to bid you farewell. And with that farewell, 2021, I leave behind the baggage of regrets, failures, disappointments, and sorrows I picked up along the way.

Welcome in, 2022!

I choose to look forward, and I am not looking back. I walk with confident anticipation toward all that God has for me in 2022. As I step into the New Year. I know that my God is with me. His right hand upholds me, and He leads me well. As I step forward, I reject the temptation to assume that I know what lies ahead. I surrender my fear of change to the Lordship of Jesus. I waive my right to resist change.

Word for 2022

I asked the Lord for His word for 2022, and I felt Him say, “Hope needs an anchor, and that anchor is Me. Your expectancy must lie in my goodness and my steadfastness. Be selective about what or in whom you place your hope. Uncertainty on the Earth will continue, and the seas will be stormy. But trust in me, and I will be your North Star. I will navigate you through in safety, but you must keep your focus on Me.”

Look not to the left or the right. There will be continued uncovering of corruption and hidden evil in high places and in all spheres of influence; even within the Church. Idols will fall on all sides. As I prayed, I felt Psalm 37 would hold great importance in 2022. Evildoers will fall, yes, but the identity of some of those evildoers will come as a shock.

By placing your trust in God and through looking to Him to be your help (Psalm 121), these revelations will not shatter you. Don’t allow the clamour and noise of competing political and economic pundits to deafen you from hearing His voice. He will be your compass; He will be your guide. Again, I feel God say, “Keep your eyes focused on Me.”

Be encouraged!

Surrender your perceived right to know what lays ahead in 2022. But know that these two things are unchanging: God’s intentions are always to bless, and His plans for you are good.

Expect the unexpected, but do so with this rock-solid guarantee from our Heavenly Father. You are secure in His firm grip that will never let you go. He will provide in unusual ways through unusual sources. The God who sent ravens to feed his hungry servant in the desert will not abandon you or allow you to be overwhelmed. 2022 will be a season of thriving, not just surviving.

Stay firmly in His grip, and don’t look back! Walk with confidence in His promises and keep your eyes fixed on His call.

All Bible references are from the NASB 1995 version unless indicated otherwise.
Until next week,

©2021 Katherine Walden

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