Don’t Stop! Keep Building Momentum!

Don’t Stop! Keep Building Momentum! The seeds you plant today will yield a good harvest.

“This exercising business is fun!” As I watched the numbers click by on the bike’s speedometer, I gleefully thought to myself. “Fifteen minutes doing this?” No problem. It was easy. “This physiotherapy stuff will be a breeze!” As five minutes turned to ten, I was bored. The hospital-green wall of the children’s rehabilitation unit was the only thing I had to look at while I was riding. The bike wasn’t going anywhere, no matter how hard I rode. The whirlpool in the room’s corner called my name. Swimming! Now that was the ticket! No one told me that rehabilitation came with a pool!

My physiotherapist broke my train of thought.  As she told me to stop pedalling. I pouted, “But this is fun!” The young woman responded with a knowing laugh. “You still have a few months ahead of you, and you’ll get to know this bike well by the end.”

She made a slight adjustment to a knob on the bike and reset the timer. As soon as my foot hit the pedal, I knew something was different. I had to do battle against resistance. My thighs burned. I could only get the bike going again by half-standing. Even then, I used all my strength to get the pedal to go down. The next pedal stroke was just as hard, but the third was marginally easier. The fourth was about the same as the third, but I was gaining momentum. The wheel continued to turn. Each rotation of the wheel was agony. I slowed to a crawl. I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore. After several months in plaster casts, my leg muscles atrophied dramatically. If I was going to gain strength and endurance, I would have to work hard.

My physiotherapist urged me to avoid stopping at all costs, reminding me how difficult the first press of the pedal had been. Three minutes, three and a quarter minutes, three and a half minutes… Would that stupid bell ever ring? My therapist cheered me on. “Don’t stop, whatever you do, don’t stop until the timer rings.” She pushed me further. “Four more pedal strokes, three more and…” DING!

My therapist turned the dial back to an easier setting. “Two minutes more and you are done.” What?! I didn’t know about her, but I certainly felt done! However, the ease upon which I now could pedal silenced my inner complaints. The last two minutes flew by. Perhaps, the momentary discomfort was worth it.

After several months of intense physiotherapy combined with the usual autumnal neighbourhood activities of a ten-year-old, I saw the results of my hard work. It was easier to keep up with my friends as we played outdoors. I took part in gym classes, and my balance and agility improved. However, I knew I must keep moving to keep my newfound mobility.

As a Christ follower, I know that I must keep moving or I will lose momentum and my spiritual muscles will atrophy. Sometimes I feel as if I am wading through a muddy swamp, and I am tempted to give up. But God urges me on. “Don’t stop! Whatever you do, don’t stop until I call you home.”

 Galatians 6:9 (TPT) – “Don’t allow yourselves to be weary or disheartened in planting good seeds, for the season of reaping the wonderful harvest you’ve planted is coming!”

Personal Application

I don’t make New Year Resolutions. Does that mean I don’t set goals for myself? Of course not. However, my track record for following through with New Year Resolutions is rather dismal. Perhaps it has something to do with the long, cold, dark winter, perhaps it’s inner rebellion. Whatever the reason, I do better with sticking to goals set later in the year.

Perhaps you are disappointed in yourself for not keeping promises you made to yourself, God, or others at the beginning of the year. Let yourself off the hook if you were only making those resolutions because you felt it was the thing to do at the beginning of each year. However, if there is a goal you wish to reach, don’t give up.

Start afresh and be a gentle taskmaster. If you are overburdened and discouraged, ask yourself these questions. Did you place unrealistic expectations on yourself, thinking you’d see faster results by weighing yourself down?  Are you overwhelming your schedule and not allowing time for rest? Remember, his burden is light, his yoke is easy. Release yourself from the yoke of striving in your flesh and listen to God’s counsel!

Today is a new day. Get back on the bike and begin pedalling, keeping the goal set before you. Despise not the small beginnings. (Zech 4:10) Cheer yourself on and celebrate each victory, no matter how small. Pedal stroke by pedal stroke, every wise decision you make and every temptation resisted, rejoice! Don’t stop and don’t allow discouragement to halt the momentum that is being built!

Find a coach to cheer you on. It could be a friend or a spiritual leader. If it is in your financial reach, consider a Christian life coach but do so wisely. IF better health and fitness is your goal, take advantage of the trainers at your local gym. If pride is stopping you from admitting you can’t do it on your own, then swallow that pride. Keep going, don’t take your hand off the plough, a wonderful harvest is waiting for you.Did you know that the Daily Christian Quote website has over 5500 quality quotes? You can search the site by the Author’s name or by subject. Check it out. You can also subscribe to a daily RSS feed.

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All Bible verses attributed to the ESV version unless otherwise indicated.

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