It’s Exhilarating to Divert From a Beaten Path

It's Exhilarating to Divert From a Beaten Path

It’s exhilarating when we divert from old sinful paths and head toward the route God now sets before us. We grow sick and tired of looking at the same old scenery on the same old roads. After all, we are well-acquainted with every pothole the road brought us. We’ve wandered around the same mountain countless […]

But It’s Hard …. (But it’s Not Impossible!)

But it's hard .... but it's not impossible

It’s not always easy. It might be hard, but it’s usually not impossible. As my hands continue to weaken, it takes me a while to ‘do’ stuff. Case in point: Most supermarket shopping carts require a coin deposit in Canada to ensure you return it to the corral and don’t just leave it in the […]

Don’t Stop! Keep Building Momentum!

Don’t Stop! Keep Building Momentum! The seeds you plant today will yield a good harvest.

“This exercising business is fun!” As I watched the numbers click by on the bike’s speedometer, I gleefully thought to myself. “Fifteen minutes doing this?” No problem. It was easy. “This physiotherapy stuff will be a breeze!” As five minutes turned to ten, I was bored. The hospital-green wall of the children’s rehabilitation unit was […]

When a Hero Topples

When a hero topples, those who follow them are in danger of toppling as a result. How do you deal with the collateral damage? Is it preventable?

The doping scandals in professional long distance cycling tempered my enjoyment in recent years. Even so, the televised events provided spectacular scenery to keep me motivated as I rode my exercise bike, and I enjoyed the strategy and tactics of the complicated sport. I usually cheered on the underdog and not the established hero. In […]