What’s up? Beyond my Epic Cowlick, that is

News about the Daily Bible Promises with a Twist project, update on my Keto Weight Loss Journey as well as some keto myth-busting, and I need your advice about future plans. Oh, and excuse the cowlick, I try not to blow-dry my hair every day as it damages it.

Raw Video Transcript (No editing)

Hi there and welcome to what’s up. And what is up? Well, just a few things. Number one you probably notice my hair is flipping up. Well, I don’t like to blow dry my hair every single day. And I wanted to get this out. So you’re just going to have to bear with the weird flip. And what else is up?

I wanted to give you an update on my weight loss journey and my Keto diet. I have, in general, done really well on it. However last few months I noticed that I haven’t lost a lot of weight. I realized that I got kind of cocky on this diet. Yes, I kept my carbs well below 20 grams net per day. However, in other aspects of the diet, I haven’t done so well.

I’ve been eating too much protein and I’ve been consuming too many dairy products such as cream and cheese. I have eaten humble pie so to speak. I guess you can say even though we don’t eat pie on Keto. And I’m going back to the things that really helped me.

I have a digital scale and I’ve begun to do a strict portion control of protein. Because too much protein can stall your weight loss on Keto. Definitely measuring out any cream or cheese that I add to any dish. Another thing that I have been really lax on is drinking enough water.

Another thing that helps me is to keep a food diary. And I do so on Cronometer and it is offered for free. But you can get the paid version as well which allows you to use your food diary on different devices. So I can use it on my laptop and I can use it on my smartphone.

So, in a couple of months, I’ll get back to you and we’ll see if that stall has finally gone.

The next thing I wanted to mention is that I won’t be doing the Daily Bible promises with a Twist after April 1, 2018.
Okay, there are three reasons why. The first is that the daily Bible promises in the box are beginning to repeat themselves. The persons who put this box together are taking the same words of Jesus that He might have spoken in Matthew, that He might have spoken to Mark, and that He might have spoken in John as well, and put them all as separate cards. So it got to be a little bit confusing, me trying to figure out what I’ve covered and what I haven’t. And some of the verses in this box, to be totally honest, really would be difficult for me to pull anything out of them, even if I put them into context.

The second reason is as I basically felt the Lord say end it for now. I might be doing something similar in the future, but I feel my assignment is over as of April the first.

And the third reason is strictly a financial one. For me to do the transcripts for each video I need to pump them into a transcription service and that costs money. I can sit here and go behind the scenes with my YouTube channel and pull up every video that I did and correct their auto-translation service. But to be really honest, that takes so much time and effort.

The daily Bible promises were between four to five minutes long at the very most. But they took me usually about 45 minutes to record each one. That’s with me re-recording, regained my thought etc, etc. And then quite often it would take an hour and a half for me to edit maybe a 15-minute raw video of me repeating myself or whatever, to shrink it down to that little bit.
So I’m asking the Lord what he would like me to do next with this YouTube experiment and I’m asking you, my audience, what you would like to see next with this little YouTube experience.

By the way, there are little glimmers of hope, but we can’t get our hopes up too much in north-central Alberta, that spring might be on the way. Right now, I would say in about another week I should be able to get out on my power chair on the main streets in my neighborhood. The side streets, I would imagine that’s going to be at least another two or three weeks. I’ll be able to get out with my camera and bring you on a few new adventures just around the neighborhood.

But saying that, what would you like to say. What would you like me to talk about? Is there anything that you have found helpful in the daily Bible promises that I can expand upon?

Just wanted to remind you that you can download my eBook that’s only sixteen hundred words long that is entitled “Insider Editing Tips for Self-Publishers” because that’s kind of the audience that I’m hoping will pick up the book. However here’s a little secret. If you use your computer or your smartphone to communicate with others by typing, then this little book will be of a help to you. It’s just not for people who want to self-publish a book.

So I’ll talk to you guys say when we do get in contact with me. If you’re Facebook friends with me now, message me over on Facebook or leave a comment below the video on YouTube and I will get back to you.

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