I Choose Peace – Now More Than Ever

Like it or not, you have a decision to make. Choose peace or choose anxiety - One takes discipline, the other takes a devastating toll.

I originally wrote the following devotional in the late 1990s and included it in my book, “Dare to Call Him Friend” in 2016.  Five years later, I am convicted by my own words.  I must choose peace, now more than ever.  Although I was intelligent enough to know that the mere turning of the calendar […]

Katherine Walden’s 2021 Personal Goal James 3:13-18

My personal goal for 2021  – The cultivation of wisdom, and humility through the restraint of the tongue and pen when I am tempted to react in anger, fear, or the need for vindication. – Katherine Walden Asking those who know me well to keep me accountable to living out these words. James 3:13-18 – […]

It’s a Delicate Balance

Just as our bodies need to work in alignment and balance, so must our spirits and hearts.

The human body is the most complex and intricate of God’s creations. Every muscle, ligament, and tendon has a specific function to do, and yet each part of our body cannot fulfil its role without the aid of other parts of the same body. If one muscle weakens, other muscles overcompensate, compromising the delicate balance […]