I Might Disagree With You But I’m Not A Hater

Just because someone disagrees with you, it doesn't mean they are a hater. Resist building a wall of suspicion where none is needed.

There is an alarming trend in the world, where the phrase ‘disagree with’ is synonymous with the word ‘hater.’ Hater is a strong word; it polarizes. It permits people to be aggressive toward those they consider to be ‘haters’. When you believe someone hates you, it puts you on the defence, and you feel you […]

A Call to Love with a Love That Risks All

As Christians, we are called to love but our love must take risks while remaining sturdy enough to stand on. It's not a kumbuyah sort of love.

I feel an urgency to call my brothers and sisters in Christ to a place of love. I am not speaking of a kumbayah sort of love where we all hold each other’s sticky hands around a campfire after roasting marshmallows, wishing each other well as we bask in sugar-induced carb comas. I am talking […]