I Might Disagree With You But I’m Not A Hater

Just because someone disagrees with you, it doesn't mean they are a hater. Resist building a wall of suspicion where none is needed.

There is an alarming trend in the world, where the phrase ‘disagree with’ is synonymous with the word ‘hater.’ Hater is a strong word; it polarizes. It permits people to be aggressive toward those they consider to be ‘haters’. When you believe someone hates you, it puts you on the defence, and you feel you must build walls to protect yourself. You might begin to wonder if you should take an offensive stance and get the first strike in before your enemy can lash out at you. Yes, the label ‘hater’ carries an emotional punch to the gut. It’s a word used way too often today. It’s often used to describe anyone who disagrees with your world view and tells you so, even if they do so in a respectful way.

Don’t build needless walls

Those who call those who merely disagree with them ‘haters’ are headed down a slippery slope of deception and delusion. They view anything you have to say with suspicion and question the motivation behind every comment you make. Whether or not they intend to, they build a wall between you and them, effectively removing the possibility of honest dialogue.

Disagreement needs not equal hate

Remember that the person who is labelling you as a hater is probably carrying a lot of wounds, making it difficult for them to see you as a person who genuinely cares for them. They probably have encountered people who carried the message of the Cross to them, only to try to crucify them on that cross with nails of condemnation.


Personal Application


What is your course of action? Love, love, love. Speak the truth, of course. But make sure you reveal your heart as you share that truth. If you can’t see the person to whom you disagree as a person God loves, and you only see them as a representation of a faceless enemy, resist speaking until you first deal with your heart issues. Practical demonstrations of love through developing listening skills will go a long way in removing the title ‘hater’ others might have placed on you by mere association.

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