Keep it Short and to the Point

God isn't impressed by a public prayer's length as he is by its posture. Keep it short, pointed and bathed in humility, faith, & trust.

For the most part, Jesus prayers’ were short and to the point when he healed, forgave or delivered someone. His most prolonged prayers were heard only by his closest companions. (John 13-17) Perhaps I should write a book “Caveman Prayers” by Katherine Walden. “Heart, be at peace!” “Arm, be healed!” “Forgive me, Jesus.” “Jesus, Iowa […]

Rest When You Have the Opportunity to Do So

A well-trained soldier knows when to rest when given the opportunity to do so. Finding a place of protection and safety doesn’t do a warrior much good if he doesn’t place his trust in those who guard that place. Learning to stay in the moment and quieting your heart, emotions, and mind takes discipline! Video […]

A Word to All Christians Who Use Social Media

Restrain yourself from reacting to news articles, posts, memes etc that make your blood boil with anger until you consult with the Lord. What many Christians dare to call ‘righteous anger’ is actually not so righteous. Hear what the Lord is saying.     Hi there, Although all my past videos have been off-the-cuff so […]