Are You a Hoarder and Don’t Realise It?

Hoarding isn't all about stockpiling toilet paper or lining your home with clutter. What spiritual truths are you stockpiling but not using?

When I wrote the following devotional several years ago, 2020 – the year of global hoarding – wasn’t on my radar. I had no idea that frightened people would stampede supermarkets to stockpile on toilet paper, baby wipes, and yeast. In March 2020, members of the not-so-secret society of “The First Order of the Closet […]

Cutting Back the Clutter – Living Unencumbered

If spiritual and physical clutter is overwhelming you, today is the day to begin to purge anything that impedes you from following God.

A short time ago, the Lord prompted me to do some early spring cleaning. Shortly after I began the project, I discovered that many of my contacts with prophetic insight felt the same call. The Lord instructed me to lighten my physical and spiritual load by cutting back on clutter. I felt an urgency to […]