Come Home, Your Family Misses You

Your circumstance is never greater than God's power. Your sin is never beyond God's mercy. Your wounds are never beyond God's healing grace. Katherine Walden

There is a longing in my heart, a groaning in my soul… I long to see …the hurting, …the angry, …the bitter, …the broken, …the disheartened ones.. The ones who believe the lie that they wandered too far. The ones who fear that God’s arms won’t outstretch to welcome them home. I long for the […]

Engraved on God’s hands? What’s That’s About?

Carved in God’s hands? Cute little kids nestled in a big hand or is there more to the story? Reading Isaiah 49:16 today. Heads up. I LOVE the whole chapter. Video Transcription [00:00:03] Hi and welcome back to daily Bible promises with a twist. The twist is that I’m taking those little slips of paper […]