Are You a Hoarder and Don’t Realise It?

Hoarding isn't all about stockpiling toilet paper or lining your home with clutter. What spiritual truths are you stockpiling but not using?

When I wrote the following devotional several years ago, 2020 – the year of global hoarding – wasn’t on my radar. I had no idea that frightened people would stampede supermarkets to stockpile on toilet paper, baby wipes, and yeast. In March 2020, members of the not-so-secret society of “The First Order of the Closet […]

To Whom Are You Listening?

hose voice are you allowing to have the authoritative word? Now more than ever you must answer this question truthfully. To whom are you REALLY listening?

Those of you who have read “Seasons”, my first book, will recognise this devotional. However, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to post it once again. I originally wrote this over 15 years ago. If there was ever a day for this truth to be repeated, this is the day. To whom are […]

Focus on Him and We’ll See the World From the Right Perspective

Keep your eyes fixed on God during times of great uncertainty

A photograph of a police officer holding a toddler in his arms went viral across social media in September 2015. Behind the police officer lay the wreck of the child’s family car. Her father died in that crash, and the impact severely injured her mother. The collision threw her siblings from the vehicle. It was […]

He Called Us First

We get it wrong all too often. God wooed us to his heart long before we were aware we needed him

C. S. Lewis’s marvellous series, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, introduced me to Eustace, whose life-changing experiences were described in “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. Through his own personal encounters with Aslan, the stubborn, obnoxious, self-centred lad grew in his faith. He desired to please the one who set him free from the prison of […]

A Boarding Gate is a Place of Transition, Not a Destination

aving you been sticking around the boarding gate so long that you missed your flight? A transitional season is never your final destination.

Airports, bus terminals, train stations; they share one thing in common — a place to wait. Waiting areas also hold something else in common. Their designers do not expect people to use them for extended stays. Although I can’t exactly prove my suspicions, I believe airports, bus terminals, and train stations take the following criteria […]