Worship is Not a Spectator Sport

Worship was never meant to be a spectator sport where we sit back and cheer on the team on the playing field.

I attended an upscale church for a few years that spent tonnes of money on great sound equipment and lovely surroundings. We had ‘specials’ every Sunday evening sung by highly trained soloists and duos accompanied by dramatic pianists. Beautiful frocks and stylish suits were mandatory attire for the team. We were dazzled by their talent, […]

Forgiveness is Key to Emotional Freedom

Forgiveness – The Key to Freedom

“How do we forgive deep hurt? A good piece of advice I can give you is this: Immediately forgive the person who says or does something against you. Then the devil has no chance of letting a shadow remain in your heart.” — Corrie ten Boom Tante Corrie’s wisdom was born out of a lifetime of […]

Is it Time to Unmask Yourself?

We mask ourselves, then convince ourselves that those masks are our true identity. It's time to be unmasked and to remind ourselves of who we are in Christ.

It’s July 2021, and Canadians are emerging out of an almost two year period of wearing masks everywhere we went. We are relishing our freedom.  But today, I want to talk about a different type of mask. I wrote the following piece over 27 years ago when I was in the beginning stages of healing […]

With God, Trust Falls are a Sure Thing

With God, trust falls are a sure thing. He’ll never let us down when we throw ourselves on Him. He can handle anything we dish. Nothing catches Him off guard. When anger and hurt and pain overwhelm us and threaten to drown us, that’s the precise time we need to cast our cares upon Him, […]