It’s All about Following His Heart

Jesus wouldn’t allow those around Him to think they could follow the rules and be right with God. He called out those who tried to hide behind the law. He reached out to those others considered beyond redemption because of their lack of observance of the law. Those who humbled themselves, admitting that they just […]

I’ll Follow the Rules but Let Me Do It Myself!!

Have you been treating God as a big tech support person in the sky? Do you look at the Bible as a Wiki information guide that you can study to pass some cosmic test?

When I first started this ministry, Facebook and other Social Media platforms didn’t exist. We communicated through message boards and websites. HTML and simple CSS coding made it easy for most people to create a website. I learned simple HTML and understood enough CSS coding to get by, thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I felt smug […]

Do You Read Your Bible Just to Justify Your Position?

Do you read your bible just to prove your point or do you use the bible to 'proof' your heart?

A mathematical definition of the word ‘proof’ is: A mathematical proof is an inferential argument for a mathematical statement, showing that the stated assumptions logically guarantee the conclusion. In layman’s terms, it means proving the reasoning of your statement through a series of steps that clearly show how you reached your conclusion. I really did […]

Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of God In Christ Jesus

Defiantly declare God's truth when the enemy whispers in your ear. Shout the truth even when you feel like you are hanging on a ledge with your fingernails. Do not give into passivity. Fight the good fight.

Nothing Can Separate Us From The Love Of God In Christ Jesus! Facing continuing economic crisis, increasing persecution against Christianity, devastating weather, health crises, family hardships, homelessness, or anything else? Remember this truth.  Nothing can separate us from God. Absolutely nothing. God’s love is fierce, it is not passive, it is not disengaged. No matter […]

Ready For The Suddenlies?

When suddenly faced with a crisis, there is no time to prepare yourself or store the provisions needed. Now is the time to do prep work with the Lord.

The horrific loss of life and property caused by the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004 caused the entire world to grieve. As I watched the news coverage, I heard multiple survivors describe the events as happening ‘suddenly.’ The tsunami caught hundreds of thousands off guard. There was no warning. As they went about their day […]

What are your Bible Reading Plans for 2017?

Maybe the problem isn't a lack of self-discipline. Maybe you just need a little help as you enter into the rhythm of a Bible Reading Plan

I have a confession to make. It wasn’t decades into my Christian walk that I managed to read the Bible cover-to-cover. My intentions were great; I would breeze through Genesis and Exodus, but as soon as I was midway through Deuteronomy, my eyes would begin to cross, and my self-discipline would go out the window. […]