Do You Read Your Bible Just to Justify Your Position?

Do you read your bible just to prove your point or do you use the bible to 'proof' your heart?

A mathematical definition of the word ‘proof’ is: A mathematical proof is an inferential argument for a mathematical statement, showing that the stated assumptions logically guarantee the conclusion. In layman’s terms, it means proving the reasoning of your statement through a series of steps that clearly show how you reached your conclusion. I really did not like Math when I was in school because I didn’t like proving how I reached my conclusions. I am an intuitive thinker by nature. There is a danger we intuitive types can head toward if we are not careful.

Do you search the Bible for any scripture, no matter how vague, that proves your point? Or do you ‘proof’ your beliefs by going back in the Word as the divine plumbline, making sure what you believe is actually Biblical? How sure are you that what you believe is not just an assumption based on your denominational biases or your cultural or political persuasions? God’s Word is always the plumbline.

All Bible references, unless indicated, are from the NASB 1995 edition.

©2021 Katherine Walden