Pause – Just for Today

Just for today: serve notice to Chaos that you won't let it control you, then step back. Breathe, look, laugh, appreciate, and give.

Life has been heavy for the past few months. Wave after wave of ‘what’s next?’ threaten to knock us down. We struggle to find our spiritual balance. The truth is, we are standing on the rock. The truth is we are safe. The truth is we are loved and cherished. But we can’t hear that […]

Welcoming in the New Year 2020

Some questions that might help you let go of 2019 and move into 2020 with clarity and renewed focus

The following questionnaire was shared with me a few years back by a fellow writer who wished to be anonymous but who gave me full permission to share it with others. It’s a good thing they wanted to be anonymous as I honestly forget which of my fellow writers permitted me to use this! If […]