Seasons – By Katherine Walden is now available!

Seasons is a compilation of 90 inspirational devotions and thought-provoking writings, penned with humour, wisdom and compassion. Through powerful imagery that is often allegorical, this thought-provoking devotional will challenge you to consider a delightful myriad of uplifting possibilities:

  • God desires an intimate relationship with His creation.
  • God is good, He is on your side and His intention has always been to bless you.
  • Your fears and your insecurities, your hopes and your dreams matter to God.
  • Vulnerability, trust, transparency, humility and honesty are the keys that God uses to bring breakthrough in your life.
  • It’s natural to hear God’s voice and experience the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you go about your daily life.
  • You have something of immense value to give to the world.
  • God’s restorative power takes your weaknesses and transforms them into mighty vehicles that carry His grace, hope and peace to your family and loved ones.
  • God created you to live an abundant joy-filled life, regardless of obstacles you might face. Health issues, financial difficulties or any other heart-wrenching circumstance cannot hinder God from working mightily in you and through you.

We all go through seasons, no matter where we live on this planet. Winter, spring, summer and autumn. Times of loss and times of gain, times of joy and times of pain. Times of plenty and times of lack, times of great growth and times of rest.

Have you been vaguely discontent as of late? Do the things that once bought you pleasure seem lifeless? Does the latest computer gadget, the latest video game or the most current recording artist leave you wanting more? Are you constantly on the hunt for something new and exciting to fill that void? If you have been hungering and thirsting for more in your life, this devotional will encourage you to quench your thirst by drinking deeply from the abundant supply of God’s living water. Nothing else can ever compare and nothing else will satisfy.

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