The Heroes Of My Faith

The heroes of my faith are not the ones who you might describe as heroes in the epic sense.

My weakened eyesight makes it difficult to follow team sport. As a result, I’d be hard-pressed to name even one name on any of my city’s sports rosters. I also wasn’t your typical teenaged girl who had teen idol posters plastered on her walls. Batman, Robin, and the Lone Ranger were the heroes of my […]

Seasons – By Katherine Walden is now available!

Seasons is a compilation of 90 inspirational devotions and thought-provoking writings, penned with humour, wisdom and compassion. Through powerful imagery that is often allegorical, this thought-provoking devotional will challenge you to consider a delightful myriad of uplifting possibilities: God desires an intimate relationship with His creation. God is good, He is on your side and […]