Rend the Heavens

Through the power of the Cross and Jesus' righteousness, we can dispel the darkness! Rend the Heavens - A free form prophetic poem by Katherine Walden

I raged against God in the darkness, “Where is the Light?”

His answer was in the form of a paintbrush. “Go fill the darkness with the colours I provide you.”

I looked down at my artist’s palette, the colours improvised for myself were dark and clouded, murky and muddy.

I raised my palette to the heavens, and a heavy dew fell upon it. The colours ran down my fingers, my bare arm, shedding off my shoulder onto the ground.

My heart grieved, I was filthy, how was I fit to carry His presence?

My tears mingled with His dew but I had no other recourse but to raise my palette to the heavens

Dew became mist, mist became gentle rain, gentle rain became a deluge.

His loving kindness overwhelmed my dismay. His cleansing waters invaded my impenetrable doubt.

I took His brush in my hand. I dipped its bristles in His palette, His firmament.

With a deliberate, audacious stroke of His brush, I slashed His righteousness against the darkness,

The light glistened through the tear.

Copyright ©2017 Katherine Walden

An artist created the following paintings to correspond to the poem. Please do not alter them in any way.


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