Looking For Your Weekly Email from Katherine?

I sent out my Monday mailing on May 28, 2018, as per usual.  If you did not receive it, check your spam box! If it is not there, and you did not respond to one of the several emails I sent out over the last couple of weeks concerning new privacy laws I need to adhere to, I, unfortunately, had to unsubscribe you. My mailing list host strongly suggested that I remove anyone who did not respond in order that my mailing list is compliant with the new Internet Privacy rules.

The good news is, you can subscribe again by using the form below. By doing so, you are proving you definitely want to receive the email and you are acknowledging that you are giving Mailchimp permission to access your email address via the form below in order that they may send you my weekly emails.  Your email address will never be used for any other purpose!


Welcome back, if you so choose to resubscribe.  You’ve been missed!


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