It’s an Exciting Time for Online Ministry, God is on the Move!

God is on the move on the Internet! The thought that I am in full-time ministry in this incredible time is overwhelming, to say the least. 

God is on the move on the Internet! What an understatement, indeed.  The very thought that I am in full-time ministry and am a part of this heady time is overwhelming, to say the least.

In 1994, when I retired from missions because of my disability, I knew I had not ‘retired’ from ministry. Cue the Internet! I could see the Internet’s potential to reach thousands with hope and healing and all that the Good News encompasses.

Keep in mind; this was in the day before Social Media as we know it. Websites didn’t even exist. Memes weren’t a thing. Most people didn’t have access to texting or private messaging. Online gaming was text-based. Yes, there were trolls, even back then!

But, I saw God moving! As I ministered along with other believers, we helped women leave abusive marriages, and we also saw marriages restored. On more than one occasion, we intervened in mental health crises. We saved the lives of suicidal teenagers by either coaxing them to seek help or by using our combined resources to contact their parents.

The dawning of the Global Internet Age

In late 1994, programmers unleashed HTML coding, allowing for the heady world of websites. That’s when I designed my initial website. I wish I had saved a copy of that page, so I could go back and giggle! I wrote much of the Prayer section on this website and most of the Encouraging Bible Quotes website during that time. I also sent the Daily Christian Quote via a mailing list I created on my personal email account. MailChimp has taken that list over, which I send out once a week along with my weekly blog.

You can still receive the Daily Christian Quote by popping over to Facebook and joining the group there. Speaking of Facebook, Social Media platforms didn’t get off the ground until 2004-2006, but once they did, the world of the Internet exploded.

I knew back then, as much as I know today, time and space do not limit God. I wholeheartedly believe that we as Christ-followers should gather for corporate worship, edification, teaching, and ministry within a local community of believers. But, I also know beyond any doubt God is on the move over the Internet. My heart explodes with gratefulness as I see the fruit of seeds of vision that countless other Christian internet pioneers and I envisioned come to fruition.

So what’s up in 2021?

I am in full-time ministry school, over the internet, of course, something that I would never have dreamed of being possible back In 1994. Through Zoom calls, electronic and hardcopy books, videos, and private groups, I dig deep into God’s word, and I’m being equipped to do the stuff. Although I have been actively encouraging, mentoring, and praying for people during livestreamed church services and conferences for over a decade, my schooling has furthered ministry opportunities for me. I am now part of official online ministry teams praying for the sick (and seeing them healed), and praying for general requests live over Zoom and other platforms.

I also attend various Zoom groups as well as lead a couple of weekly and bi-weekly Zoom meetings. I am learning so much from those who attend these groups. There are so many wise, encouraging, and smart people out there who feel they have nothing to contribute. In actuality, they have so much they can share with the world over their computer or smartphone.

My passion is to awake God’s people to this simple truth. God can use them to bring hope and light no matter what obstacles they might think stop their light from shining. Covid-19 restrictions have not and should not restrict God’s people from doing His work on this earth!!

After a summer’s break, school will resume as I am accepted into the second year of this program. I look forward to furthering my training and education in mentoring, sermon writing, Biblical Studies, healing, counselling, and other leadership skills. I will still host my weekly Zoom discussion groups, along with my other responsibilities and studies.

How you can help

Speaking of studies, I would appreciate your prayers for finances. Disability-retired missionaries usually are not ones with a lot of extra resources. If you feel led to help toward that tuition, a classmate of mine has spearheaded a GoFundMe on my behalf to help pay for my schooling costs. At present, I run this ministry basically out of pocket, and I just don’t have extra funds for schooling.  And yet,  I KNOW God has called me to continue in my education. He provided for my last term; I place my trust in Him once again, knowing He is faithful.

Who knows what 2022 will bring? I know one thing for sure, I will continue to pursue God with all that is within me and I will proclaim that He is on the move!

©2021 Katherine Walden