How You Can Help This Website Out At No Added Expense

Looking for a way to support this website but you don't have anything extra to give?

I realised I haven’t mentioned this in ages, but I have had affiliate links for Amazon US and Amazon Canada for years.

It won’t cost you a cent to use the links, beyond the price you’d pay for an item on Amazon, but if you purchase just about anything on Amazon by first going through my affiliate link, Amazon rewards me with what they call an ‘advertising fee.’  This comes to me directly from Amazon and not you and nothing is added to your total. In all practicality, that reward totals up to around 25.00 in the form of a gift card from Amazon about once a year, but even that amount is helpful. That total is probably pretty low because I keep on forgetting to mention the affiliate links to you.

I use these cards toward the purchase of items such as replacement cables for my laptop, chargers, etc.!

How do the affiliate links work? You just have to click on them, shop around on Amazon, and make a purchase. My Amazon info is embedded into the link automatically, you don’t have to remember a code or enter any special coupon word, it’s all done behind the scenes.

However, you do need to purchase the item within a few hours after you put it in the cart. The affiliate link will not work for stuff you keep in your cart for some later date.

You can use the links again and again.

If you are already using another ministry’s affiliate link, carry on!! Support them.

Bookmark the following link so you can always find the affiliate link.

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