Happy Easter – FREE Kindle Book 3/29/2018 – 4/2/2018

Free Kindle Version Dare to Call Him Friend Easter Weekend 2018 Only

Hallelujah! It is Easter Weekend and to celebrate, I would love to give my loyal visitors to this website a gift. If you are a Kindle user, you can download this book from March 31- April 2, 2018, for free. After April 2, 2018, you can buy it for only .99 US in Kindle form. Of course, there is a paperback version available as well. Sadly, I can’t offer it for free or at a discount.

How to download:
If you don’t see the link above, go to your Amazon account. Search for “Dare to Call Him Friend Kindle” and download it there!

What is the book about?

Dare to Call Him Friend is my second book, published in late 2015.
“God not only calls us friends, but He also invites us into His inner circle. Yes, there is a risk involved if you accept that invitation. He’ll lead you out of your comfort zone. He’ll turn your life inside out and upside down. The risk is worth it!”

We all want the type of friend who knows us inside and out. A friend who loves us despite all our quirks and failings. Such a bond is costly. To have such a friend, you must be such a friend. Such a friend is willing to sacrifice. Such a friend courageously risks rejection by choosing to open the door to their heart.

You won’t find a more loyal friend than the One who entices you with this promise of adventure, “Come, walk with me. I’ve many things to show you, but I only show these things to those who call me Friend.”

“Dare to Call Him Friend” is a compilation of over 90 inspiring devotions, written from a heart that is constantly in awe of the awesome privilege it is to be able to call God friend. Poignant, humorous, insightful, and challenging; this book will awaken a hunger within to step into a place of intimacy given only to those who dare to call Him friend.

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