Speak Peace and Hope into the Storm

Speak Peace to the Storm

As God’s people, when we pray from a place of peace, trust, and hope, we can shift the spiritual atmosphere around us and find new power and potency in our prayer life.

Prayer for Peace in the Storm from the Video:

I pray for peace.
Peace that passes all understanding.
Peace that fills every corner of your home, Every corner of your heart, every corner of your life.
I pray for comfort.
Comfort that comes through the assurance of God’s great love for you.
No matter what, no matter when, no matter why No matter what you have done or will do, His love will always be there.
I pray for the gift of earthly hands, feet and voices that bring tangible evidence of His great love in practical ways.
I pray for grace to see your world through Christ’s eyes.

From “Seasons” by Katherine Walden

Declarative Prayer

Speaking peace to the Storm

We speak to the wind, peace be still. We speak to the temperatures in gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. We say to the air and the sea, fall into the alignment and balance God created you to be. We call upon the Lord who brings rain in due season. Let it rain over the pacific northwest, BC and Montana. We pray for steady, restorative rain and for the winds to blow the smoke out to sea and away from habitations.

We speak to the hearts of the people who know You by name, Lord Jesus. We say rise up and be lighthouses of peace and of Hope. We say to confusion and fear you have no right in the heart of God’s children, and we say go now in Jesus name.

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All Bible verses, unless otherwise attributed, are from the English Standard Version (ESV).

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