The Tipping Point in Prayer

Many people may have prayed for you and 'nothing happened' or so you think. But every prayer they prayed landed in a bowl of grace. Not a drop is wasted.

Have you ever thought about others along these lines when they pray for you and nothing seemingly happens? “Nice people, but their prayers aren’t mighty; I better go ask the ‘big-shots’ to pray for me instead.” If we are honest, I think we can all confess to allowing those types of thoughts to run rampant in our brains at one time or another.

People tell me my prayers are powerful because they experienced healing as I prayed for them, and they didn’t have the same experience when someone else prayed for them. I look at it this way.

Imagine a large bowl nestled in a metal frame that will cause the bowl to tip when it is full. It is being filled with water, one cup at a time. The first few cups don’t seem to make much difference; nothing is happening. The water sits there, supposedly ineffective at the bottom of the bowl. There appears to be no movement at all – outside of the quick splash the water makes as it lands in the bowl. As each cup is added, that bowl slowly tilts until it reaches just the right angle for the contents of the bowl to spill out.

Some answers to prayer are like that. Particularly those prayer needs that we’ve been contending for over a long period. Many people may have prayed for you, and ‘nothing happened’ or so you think. But every prayer they prayed landed in a bowl of grace. Not a drop goes to waste. Someone comes along with that last cup – or perhaps it’s even a half a cup of faith-filled prayer – and the bowl of blessings tips over, flooding you with grace. Now tell me. Whose prayer was more powerful?

All Bible references are from the NASB 1995 version unless indicated otherwise.
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