The Big Stick of Self-Condemnation

Step away from the big stick of self-condemnation and allow the Holy Spirit exclusive rights to all areas of your heart that might need a Surgeon’s scalpel.

I thought I would give the visitors to my website and my email list subscribers a glimpse into what I am creating on Youtube. As I previously mentioned, I am working on providing practical applications to the devotions in my first two books, “Seasons” and “Dare to Call Him Friend.”  Just to shake things up for myself and get my creative juices flowing, I decided to start the process through daily video devotions. Once those are done, I will be transcribing the videos into text and using the polished text in an addendum to the books. Today’s subject? The damaging effects of self-condemnation.

“The Big Stick” from “Seasons” by Katherine Walden (available on Amazon)

Sometimes, it is easier to hide behind self-rejection and self-loathing rather than to deal with specific areas of sin that the Lord points out to us. But what is easier often becomes a snare, never allowing us to truly take personal responsibility for our actions. For example, it can be easier to say, “I am a horrible person and utterly hopeless, so why even try?” than to say. “I repent of my selfish anger and with God’s grace, I choose to work with Him so I no longer live in this anger”

I have quite a collection of big sticks. These destructive weapons are invisible, making them even more dangerous. You won’t come across these weapons in a gun catalogue or a martial-arts studio, yet they carry a lethal blow if repeatedly used. These weapons cause great damage to the victim’s spirit, soul and body. What makes them even more heinous is the fact that these weapons are used to inflict grievous self-harm. I have witnessed the devastating aftermath caused by these self-inflicted assaults in the lives of my friends and family. I have dealt with the aftermath of wielding a big stick against myself by retreating into the shadows, hoping no one sees my battle scars.

What is the name of this loathsome weapon?


My definition of self-condemnation is the harsh judgment that we place upon ourselves, blanketing our whole being with lies that we are the worst person on the planet. We proclaim that we are so hopelessly flawed that it is impossible for us to find redemption. Condemnation attacks our character with broad and vague statements that offer no hope for our miserable condition.

We use our sticks of self-condemnation when we fall into repeated sin. When we experience failure and disappointment in our lives, we wield the big stick against ourselves. This barbaric approach does nothing to bring resolution and only results in scars that hinder us from receiving God’s truth. Self- condemnation is the equivalent of dropping a nuclear bomb on a house in an attempt to get rid of a lone mouse in the attic. Overkill at its worst.

In contrast, God’s weapon for dealing with sin is precise and effective. The sharp arrow of God’s conviction targets the exact centre of a specific infection or fatal disease in our hearts. His conviction is never vague. When left in the hands of our skillful Surgeon, conviction always provides an avenue for healing, restoration, and freedom. As we repent of specific sins and determine not to return to our destructive behaviour, we will find true and lasting healing.

Hebrews 4:12 (MSG) – “His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defense, laying us open to listen and obey.”

I counsel my friends to step away from the big stick when they are tempted to grovel in self-condemnation. Might I offer you the same advice? Step away from the big stick! Allow the Holy Spirit to have exclusive access to those areas of your heart that might need a Surgeon’s scalpel. You will find His hand is steadier than your own, and His surgery will bring lasting health and vigour to your soul.

Personal Application

A rough transcript of the  Personal Application Portion of the Video

A lot of us tend to hide behind self-condemnation, especially when we blanket our whole selves as being unclean.

Maybe there are areas of our lives out we are afraid to bring before the Lord or to bring in transparency before people that we trust because we know those areas are going to be difficult to work through.

It might be a little bit scary, but consider dropping the cloak. Consider dropping the title of generally unclean and allow the Lord to clean the specific areas that need to be dealt with.

I wanted to tell you about one of my websites. It doesn’t cost a thing to go there! It’s called Encouraging Bible Quotes and I put this site together years and years and years ago. The site is made up of Bible verses arranged in topical order. You’ll find subjects such as peace, salvation, healing etc.

If you struggle with self-condemnation and extremely low self-esteem there will be topics that will pop right out at you. When you read the list of topics I would encourage you to go to those lists.

Speak God’s truth out loud over every lie that you believe about yourself. If you believe you are a failure, you will find a verse right from the Bible that will contradict what you think is the truth. Remember God’s truth always trumps your feelings and your point of view.

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All Bible verses attributed to the ESV version unless otherwise indicated.

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