Where is This Week’s blog and a Temporary Schedule Change for Zoom Chat

  This week, I spent some time heavily updating one of the more popular articles on this website by clarifying my foundational beliefs concerning God’s protection over us and spiritual warfare. As Christians, we are encouraged to not only askĀ  God to protect our families, our homes, and our nations, but we are to believe […]

Kath’s Weekly Zoom Call is MOVING

Katherine's weekly Zoom group will be moving effectively this Monday, May 10, 2021. Please mark your calendar

It appears that Tuesdays weren’t working for most people, and now that my schedule is a bit clearer for the next while, I can switch dates so more people can access our weekly Zoom call for those who follow my blog and who know me on other social media platforms. TIME/DATE CHANGE FOR KATH’S WEEKLY […]

Leaving Facebook? Here’s Some Ways to Find Me

Are you leaving Facebook due to its increasing censorship? I am not leaving but you can find me on other Social Media Platforms.

Although I am not leaving Facebook, I know many Facebook users are fed up. They are migrating to other Social Media sites because of Facebook’s censorship, biased fact-finding resources, and throttling of views to shared articles and links leading to outside information or blogs. This blog is a prime example, if you are a Facebook […]