Ridiculous Generosity – A Kingdom Principle

When you hear the word generosity? What first comes to mind? What if it's more than just money?

When you think about generosity, what first comes to mind? Money, I bet! That’s a brilliant answer, but I believe there is more to generosity than finances. I love the Christian culture. When someone mentions a financial need, God’s people meet that need with ridiculous generosity. It reminds me of a time when Moses called […]

It’s Time to Talk about Sacrifice

We all think we are busy these days but are we too busy to serve others? Without heart, time, and effort involved is there a sacrifice?

What type of sacrifice am I talking about? There’s a hint in the title of this blog. It’s not money, and it’s not the groceries you place in the food bank bin at your local supermarket. It’s not sending a bouquet, and it’s not giving someone an expensive, ornate gift. I firmly believe the greatest […]