How Well Do You Receive Encouragement?

1 Thess 5:11 If you dish out a lot of encouragement, how well do you receive it? Encouragement builds up the body!

Quite a few years ago, my former pastor, a recognised prophet, publicly honoured me for contributing to the local body and my international internet ministry, calling me a fellow prophet. She did so just as I finished sharing a brief testimony to God’s goodness one Sunday Morning. I was hurrying back to my seat when […]

Living a Life of Thanks

If you learn the art of daily thanks-living, you’ll be guarding your heart against hardness. Without it, you open yourself to spiritual decay.

How does someone keep their heart from hardening when bad things happen? They embrace the daily practice of giving thanks. I don’t know all the answers. However, I have seen thankfulness as a significant thread in the lives of many of my spiritual mentors. They all learned the benefits of living a life of intentional […]

Does the Fear of Man Stifle Your Worship?

Don't let the fear of man silence your voice of worship.

Every day, God shows himself faithful in my life. I just can’t contain the gratitude I feel for Him, and I find worship bubbling up from deep within at the oddest times. Case in point: I often use a power-chair when outdoors and it gives me incredible freedom in the warmer months as well giving […]