Got Junk – Again? Find a Permanent Solution

Jesus isn't a 1-800 Junk dealer. He takes us by the hand, and leads us to our cluttered basements and says He'll help us clean up our mess.

Some people want Jesus to clean up their messes, but they don’t want to face seeing the lurking junk in their hearts. Such attitudes remind me of people who throw broken furniture and junk in their basements or storage sheds. “We’ll get to that one day.” That one day never comes until one day there […]

When a Hero Topples

When a hero topples, those who follow them are in danger of toppling as a result. How do you deal with the collateral damage? Is it preventable?

The doping scandals in professional long distance cycling tempered my enjoyment in recent years. Even so, the televised events provided spectacular scenery to keep me motivated as I rode my exercise bike, and I enjoyed the strategy and tactics of the complicated sport. I usually cheered on the underdog and not the established hero. In […]