Be Real and Let His Light Shine Through You

Your authentic transparent love is the lamp glass that reveals the burning heart of God to others.

For much of my High School years, I walked the quarter-mile to school with two friends, Annie and Annette. Our morning walks halted in my last year of High School as I became gravely ill and spent several months in bed. Their loyal friendship continued, and they often stopped on their way to school to […]

Practise Kindness to Yourself – Pandemic Self-Care

Practise kindness toward yourself. By being gentle with yourself you'll find the grace to be kind to others. Be as kind to yourself as God is to you.

“New Normal.” It’s an overused media catchphrase that doesn’t begin to describe what we are going through in 2020. Every day there is something new to face, what we were told yesterday will change tomorrow. The normal setting seems to have disappeared. We’re dealing with constant change and uncertainty, economic instability and isolation from friends […]

No Roses But A Greater Sacrifice

He didn’t prove His love at a candlelight dinner. There were no long-stemmed roses, but there were thorns. Yes, there were thorns.

This week is the second busiest week for florists, coming in just behind Mothers Day weekend. Roses and bouquets, chocolates, fine wine, dinners out, and other romantic gestures will reign supreme. Even kids will get into the action by giving each other store-bought valentines. It’s Valentines Day! But did you know this day was initially […]