Our Relationship is with the Giver and not His Gifts

It's not about the amount of gifts we've been given, it's how we use those gifts

The enemy would love for you to think if you were proficient in using every gift of the Spirit, you’d be more worthy of God’s love. He’d like you to believe that if you were endowed with the intellect and academic understanding of Solomon, then you would hold more influence in God’s kingdom. The enemy’s […]

So Now What Do We Do?

It's the day after Resurrection Day - Now what?

It’s the day after Easter, pretty pastel dresses are put away, the lilies fade, and the fridge is full of coloured hard-boiled eggs waiting to be used. The church choir has sung its last glorious cantata for the year or at least until Christmas. Now what? It’s the day after Jesus ascended into heaven, his […]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Church harmony doesn’t need to enforce bland uniformity or cause the stifling of genders, spiritual gifts, or voices. Was Paul telling the church of Corinth to stifle it and settle down? I don’t think so. Let’s read 1 Cor 14:33 in context! Video Transcript (Video below) [00:00:00] Welcome to Daily Bible promises with a Twist. […]