The Beauty of Seasons of Waiting

Children are born with little understanding of the value of waiting. Any parent or teacher can attest to that, especially during the days leading up to special events. The minutes seem like hours; the hours seem like days, and the days like years. Parents feel their children’s anxiety and frustration, and while they sympathise, most […]

Trust Our Generous God

He will take whatever you have to offer and multiply it so there’s more than enough for yourself, and there is more than enough for you to pour out into the lives of others. Video Transcript Hi and welcome back to Daily Bible promises with a Twist. And today as always we’re going to be […]

Don’t Despair! Your Harvest is at Hand!

When you have almost nothing, it can be tempting to cling onto that morsel. Perhaps, there’s a harvest just waiting to grow in those few grains of wheat that you clench in your hand. Perhaps it’s time to plant a new crop. Video Transcript – Video Below [00:00:00] Hi and welcome back to Daily Bible […]