Forgiveness is Key to Emotional Freedom

Forgiveness – The Key to Freedom

“How do we forgive deep hurt? A good piece of advice I can give you is this: Immediately forgive the person who says or does something against you. Then the devil has no chance of letting a shadow remain in your heart.” — Corrie ten Boom Tante Corrie’s wisdom was born out of a lifetime of […]


Let go of constraints that hold you and others down. Allow fear of man to die.

An excerpt from “Not Always All Together” by Katherine Walden, available on Amazon “We have a choice. We can carry the world on our shoulders, or we can say, ‘I give up Lord; here’s my life. I give you my world, the whole world.’” ~ Bruce Larson, “Believe and Belong” My deadliest foe is the […]

An Invitation to the Divine Dance

During a time of worship, we sang, “Our God Saves” As we did, I asked the Lord to save several individuals who were on my heart. Yes, they are believers but they were in need of salvation and rescue in troubling times. Depression, abuse, and ghostly voices from their pasts crashed over them. As we […]

Are There Zombies Sitting in the Pews?

There are no zombies in God's Kingdom. Don't fall for the enemy's lies, your old man is dead, long live the new creature.

“The old man is dead, long live the new creature.” Nancy Henigbaum (Honeytree) It’s easy to confuse fleeting thoughts and the emotional pull of temptation as sin. God rejoices when we turn and walk the other way from temptation, and He hopes we join Him in that celebration. After all, we just experienced a major […]

Got Junk – Again? Find a Permanent Solution

Jesus isn't a 1-800 Junk dealer. He takes us by the hand, and leads us to our cluttered basements and says He'll help us clean up our mess.

Some people want Jesus to clean up their messes, but they don’t want to face seeing the lurking junk in their hearts. Such attitudes remind me of people who throw broken furniture and junk in their basements or storage sheds. “We’ll get to that one day.” That one day never comes until one day there […]

Leaving Minefields Behind?

Despite what you might want to believe, your unresolved pain and trauma negatively affects others. It's time to be brave and bring your past to God.

Abandoned minefields are hideous legacies strewn across formerly war-torn nations around the world. Although warring factions brokered peace treaties and cease-fires decades ago, these landmines maim or kill hundreds of innocent civilians every year. Weapons meant to keep a particular adversary at bay now lie in wait under rice patties and earthen paths. Each mine […]