Is It Time to Clean Your Soul’s Eyeglasses?

Clean your soul's eyeglasses! It's too easy to put up with smudges and flecks of dirt that distort our spiritual vision but in time, our compromise will do us harm.

I felt the Lord say, “Clean your soul’s eyeglasses!” I have at least five pairs of reader eyeglasses hanging around my apartment. Most days, the majority of these eyeglasses could do with a good cleaning. Most days, they will be haphazardly cleaned by a rub against my shirt. I do realize that this stop-gap measure […]

Avoidance Is Not The Best Policy

Allow the vaccine of God’s truth about you to innoculate you against the sickness of the soul with which the enemy would try to infect you.

2019 Disclaimer: Today’s blog uses an illustration from my school years. I grew up smack-dab in the middle of the Baby-Boomer generation. We received straightforward vaccines, usually not combined with multiple vaccines in the same shot. Back then, babies didn’t get as many vaccinations as they do today. Yes, babies DID get their shots, but […]