God Has To Get Through Somehow

There are times that God will resort to sending trusted others to pass on a message when you choose not to listen to His internal promptings on a certain subject. God did so when He sent Cousin Nathan to confront the King. It is wise for you to take heed of that word.

In 2014, I felt a prompting from the Lord that I followed through on, even though I did so with a little bit of fear and trembling. It really helped a friend. Facebook Memories just reminded me of this today. Hearing the Voice of God Step out –take risks. I had a nudge while praying […]

Peacemaker or Peacekeeper – Kath’s Random Thoughts

Are you peacekeeper or are you a peacemaker? There is a difference you know. Jesus calls us to be peacemakers and not the keepers of peace.

Matthew 5:9 – “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” Are you peacekeeper or are you a peacemaker? Peacekeepers often do everything in their power to keep an artificial peace and use that power to control the behaviour of others. In the same manner that a guard keeps watch over […]