A Call to Love with a Love That Risks All

As Christians, we are called to love but our love must take risks while remaining sturdy enough to stand on. It's not a kumbuyah sort of love.

I feel an urgency to call my brothers and sisters in Christ to a place of love. I am not speaking of a kumbayah sort of love where we all hold each other’s sticky hands around a campfire after roasting marshmallows, wishing each other well as we bask in sugar-induced carb comas. I am talking […]

It’s Never Too Late, He Makes a Way

It’s easy to get sucked into the culture around you and to be swayed by voices that woo you into complacency. Before you know it, your slipping into old thought patterns and behaviours that you know are toxic. What can you do? Take God at His word. He knows how to rescue you. Video Transcript: […]