Joyfully Proclaim The Gospel This Christmas Season!

Christmas is the one time of year we as Christians are free to shout the gospel from the rooftops without coming against the political correctness police.

Do you find evangelism intimidating? Christmas is the perfect opportunity to witness without feeling a drop of intimidation or fear. I love many things about Christmas, and most of those things centre on the remarkable opportunity we have to sing God’s praises wherever we go. A thrill runs up my spine when I hear the […]

Savour the Gift of the Moment

Several years ago, an exceptionally hectic and challenging season forced me to postpone Christmas shopping until December 23. Trying to shop in crowded malls with a minimal budget frustrated me. On the 24th, after a long, crowded Greyhound bus ride, I forced my way into my hometown’s bus terminal, lugging wobbly luggage behind me. There […]

No Limits on Wholeness

Is it possible to find wholeness even during times of uncertainty and world-wide adversity?

Advent of 2020. Much of the western world is heading back into a time of isolation and governmental restrictions,  and we are growing weary. The yoke chafs against our God-given desires for freedom of movement and gathering with friends and families, especially at this time of the year. Tiny fissures in our defences are starting […]

God was Silent, So It Seemed

Although it might appear God is silent, he is always speaking to those who wait in quiet expectation.

God was silent, or so it seemed. The age of His prophets walking amid His people had long passed, or so it seemed. The tales of the patriarchs, along with the narrative of Moses leading the children of Israel into freedom, were all that the current generation had left. These stories evoked more wistful sighs […]

No Snail Mail Christmas Cards This Year

I won't be mailing out snail mail Christmas Cards this year

Don’t you just love how things work out? Although I really enjoyed exchanging cards with people around the world last year, I decided a few weeks ago not to send Christmas cards via snail mail this year for a variety of reasons. This week, I was given the opportunity to join a project that is […]