It’s Exhilarating to Divert From a Beaten Path

It's Exhilarating to Divert From a Beaten Path

It’s exhilarating when we divert from old sinful paths and head toward the route God now sets before us. We grow sick and tired of looking at the same old scenery on the same old roads. After all, we are well-acquainted with every pothole the road brought us. We’ve wandered around the same mountain countless […]

Is It Time to Clean Your Soul’s Eyeglasses?

Clean your soul's eyeglasses! It's too easy to put up with smudges and flecks of dirt that distort our spiritual vision but in time, our compromise will do us harm.

I felt the Lord say, “Clean your soul’s eyeglasses!” I have at least five pairs of reader eyeglasses hanging around my apartment. Most days, the majority of these eyeglasses could do with a good cleaning. Most days, they will be haphazardly cleaned by a rub against my shirt. I do realize that this stop-gap measure […]

My Number One Character Building Tip

My number one Character Building Tip. It's simple but it's all too easy to forget if you aren't proactive.

Good character – it’s not a phrase that is used often these days, but we would all rather be around people who have developed a strong sense of integrity, responsibility and self-sacrifice. It takes discipline and courage to develop a good character, and the lessons learned are usually small and seemingly insignificant. Be of good […]

Successfully Dealing With Failure

A failure is an opportunity for growth but only if the failure is not seen as a permanent black mark against one's character.

When I was a kid, just about every school in Canada set aside a day in June for a Field Sports Day. Many schools still do. Every student participates, from grade one to grade nine. My school was no exception. Back then, there were clear winners in each event. First, second, and third. That meant […]

But Wait… There’s More!

Lay down cynicism While the Lord calls me to be wise and discerning, He reminds me that godly discernment cannot dwell in a distrustful heart. God has no ulterior motive.

It is practically mandatory that any self-respecting Calgarian attend the Calgary Stampede, a cross between a rodeo, midway, and an exhibition that takes place in early July. Calgary is a huge metropolitan city. Most Calgarians have never seen a horse or a cow up close and personal. And yet, for ten days out of every year, […]