Christians: Who are You Representing?

You are a terrible witness for our King if you post mocking, hateful, cruel and bullying Memes about political leaders and those who disagree with your stance.

As this week’s blog is primarily aimed at those who use Social Media, I am posting it directly on Social Media as well as my blog. I use Social Media, my blog, email list, and the Daily Christian Quote Website as my main ministry platforms. I pop onto Facebook as an overseer or participant in […]

Looking For Reflections of Yourself?

By surrounding ourselves with only those whose beliefs are exact reflections of our own, we diminish our effectiveness for God's Kingdom.

As a child, I loved to sit on my mother’s three-mirror vanity desk and carefully arrange the mirrors so I could see countless images of myself. I entertained myself for hours by singing or making up stories to the audience in the mirrors. There was no ego involved; I created an unending supply of imaginary […]

Well, That’s a Real Kick to the Jaw!

Arrogant assumptions about our ability can result in real kick to the jaw that can take us out.

When we arrogantly assume that our abilities will carry us through, we probably end up flat on our face. Assumption is a deadly trip hazard for Christians. Video Transcript           Hi there and welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a Twist. And today, as always, we’re going to begin by […]