Jesus isn’t in the Junk Hauling Business

Some people want Jesus to clean up their hearts, but they don't want to take a serious look at the junk they've been collecting in their hearts.

Some people want Jesus to clean up their hearts, but they don’t want to take a serious look at the junk they’ve been collecting in their hearts.

They remind me of people who throw broken furniture and stuff they no longer use in their basements. “I’ll get to cleaning that up one day. I just don’t have the time right now”. They never do find the time to venture into their cluttered basement until one day there is a plumbing emergency and significant work needs to be done.

So the homeowners call 1-800-Haul-Junk, and the company comes and takes it all away. As they wave goodbye to their clutter, they vow they’ll never get in such a mess.

But the TV breaks down a few months later. And so, they replace the tv and the credenza it sat upon. It’s hard to find the time to take those items to the recycling centre. There’s lots of room in the basement, so just for now, that’s where those items go. In the meanwhile, clothes set aside for Goodwill will fit in the credenza’s cupboard nice enough. And the cycle continues.

Fortunately for us, Jesus isn’t a 1-800 Junk dealer. He takes us by the hand, and leads us to our cluttered basements and says He’ll help us clean up our mess. Of course, Jesus washes shame and guilt from our hearts, but our Saviour doesn’t stop there. He wants to deal with our procrastination and our avoidance issues. God wants to create a sanctuary for Himself in the once dank, dark and cluttered places in our hearts.

All Bible Verses, unless otherwise noted, are attributed to the NASB 1995 version

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