It’s Exhausting Trying to Please God and Man

When we do things only to try to make God happy and to please others we usually end up exhausted and frustrated. There’s a better way! Isaiah 26:12

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[00:00:00] Welcome back to Daily Bible promises with a Twist. And if you’re wondering what the twist is, just click on the “I” at the top of your screen if you’re watching this on YouTube. It will explain to you what the Daily Bible Promise series is all about.

[00:00:16] Today we’re going to be reading from the New American Standard version and the NIV version the same Bible verse. First of all, we’ll do the NIV. “Lord, you establish peace for us. All that we have accomplished, You have done for us.” That’s Isaiah 26 verse 12

[00:00:36] I’m going to be reading from the New American Standard Bible not because I am only a New American Standard Bible girl. It’s my only physical large print Bible and it’s actually my grandmother’s Bible. So, it’s precious to me.

[00:00:54] So we’re going to be reading Isaiah 26, verse 12 and 13 in the New American Standard Bible. “Lord, thou will establish peace for us as thou has also performed for us all our works. O Lord, other gods besides thee have ruled us, But through thee alone, we confess thy name.”

[00:01:15] I looked up this verse in many translations and it basically says the same thing for verse twelve, so I’ll read it from the NIV again. “Lord you establish peace for us. All that we have accomplished You have done for us.” And in the NASB, verse 13 and I’ll make it into more modern language. “Lord our God, other masters besides you have ruled us but through you alone, we confess your name.”

[00:01:45] When I read verse 13 after reading verse 12, I was really convicted by this. Who are the other masters besides God that have ruled me? Because it’s only through Him alone that I can confess His name. And so often I can strive to please God and to please others. If I do a good enough job, if I live a moral upstanding life, if I am kind to other people, if I keep my anger in check; whatever. That these things will get me to a place where I’ll have a favour in God’s sight. But in reality, God knows outside of Him those things that I am trying to do under my own strength are only going to tire and fatigue me.

[00:02:39] They’re going to build in me a false sense of self-sufficiency that is not going to get me anywhere. It’s only by faith that we can please God. And it’s through His grace that I am able to accomplish those things that He has asked me to do. It’s not that I do the things to earn His favour and a gold star. It’s out of His favour that I am able to do those things that He has asked me to do on His behalf.


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