Don’t Rain on Someone’s Praise Parade

Rant on

Some people like to rain on praise reports, especially if the praise report involves healing through conventional medicine or surgery. Some people feel that it is actually their moral duty to do so. Those people are people I tend to avoid.

Johnny posts, “I am so grateful to God and for the medical community for the way such-and-such medication has finally dealt with a serious medical issue that plagued me for years. I tried so many other things over the decades but this finally helped. Thank God for answered prayer!”

And the comments to his praise report go like this. “Don’t you know that stuff will kill you?” Have you tried such-and-such essential oil or vitamin? Have you heard a teaching series by so and so?”

Now, if Johnny had said, “I’ve just about tried everything known to mankind but I am still suffering and my medical doctors don’t know what to do, does anyone have any advice….” That’s another story.

But that’s not what he said, so why not just say from the bottom of your heart, “Praise God, brother, I rejoice with you!” and leave it at that.

Most people living with a chronic medical condition probably qualify as a “Google Medical Expert” (GME) in their condition and have done a lot of research on their own. Giving unsolicited advice probably won’t accomplish much beyond giving you the feeling they might be slightly annoyed by the unsolicited advice.

Rant off

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