Blessed are the Merciful for They Shall Receive Mercy

Sometimes, the last thing we want to do is extend mercy and compassion to someone who we are having a hard time loving. However, we have a neverending supply of mercy and compassion in easy reach!

Sometimes, the last thing we want to do is extend mercy and compassion to someone who we are having a hard time loving. However, we have a never-ending supply of mercy and compassion in easy reach!

Video Transcript:

Hi and welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a Twist. And today we’re going to be reading from the New International Version. This is from the Sermon on the Mount and it’s Matthew 5:7. “Blessed are the merciful for they shall be shown mercy.” As all Bible translations straight across the board share this verse in exactly the same way, we’re not going to read from another translation today.

What does it mean to show mercy? A good place to start is by doing a word study for yourself. Go to any Bible search site on the Internet and type in the word mercy and merciful.

My best definition of mercy is to look at the story of the Unmerciful Servant who had just had his unbelievably immense debt completely forgiven and written off by his master. But what does he do? He turns around and immediately throws a fellow servant who owed him a bit of money into a debtor’s prison.

Mercy comes from the heart where you extend an action or an attitude of compassion towards another person with no thought of whether or not that person deserves your compassion. Does verse seven and Matthew, “Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy” mean that you’re going to receive mercy and compassion in a direct response to whatever act of mercy and compassion that you just showed. Not necessarily. We’ve all experienced when we have reached out our hand of compassion only to be snapped at.

We’ve all experienced God’s mercy and great compassion. We can draw on His mercy and His compassion, especially when there is an opportunity to express mercy and compassion towards another person who we really would rather not show mercy and compassion to.

When we find it difficult to drum up an emotional response of compassion and mercy towards another person, that doesn’t mean that we cannot still express compassion and mercy in practical ways.

We have an everlasting fount of mercy that we can draw upon. The Bible says His mercies are new every morning. We can take His mercies apply them to our own lives but pour those mercies out from our heart into the lives of other people.

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