9/11 – A 2020 Perspective. Have we forgotten what Fuels Evil?

Remember: We promised on 9/11/01 that we would NEVER forget. The horror of those lives lost will stay in our minds forever, but how quickly we forget the purpose of that evil act was to silence freedom of speech (Don’t say anything against Mohammed), and freedom of religion (if it was not their religion of choice, in this particular case), This was the driving force that charged those vicious acts. In 2020, a new expression of evil is trying to do the same thing, literally silencing people of all faiths from speaking, singing, and gathering, while allowing violent riots, destruction of property, and extreme harassment to take place, unhindered. Pay Attention but remember, our battle as Christians is not against individuals, no matter how we disagree with them, our battle is with the evil that fuels and captures THEIR minds and hearts. (Eph 6:10-12)

©2020 Katherine Walden