The Dark Side of YouTube

There is a dark side to YouTube and TikTok where manipulation reigns and where creators and followers create a toxic environment. Be a light.

There is a dark side to social media, especially on YouTube and TikTok. A toxic culture arises when the creator and viewer feed off each other. If a creator has a leaning toward narcissistic behaviour, they will give their followers a false impression that they are in their inner circle, that somehow they made it […]

What’s Up With Katherine?

What's Up With Katherine? News about my channel, and what I have been up to

Today’s blog is more of a personal one, with some news of what I am up to. I changed the name of my YouTube Channel to “What’s Up With Katherine” to reflect the diversity of that channel. It’s old name “Katherine Walden” along with the logo and branding catered to a smaller audience, mostly Christian. […]

Switching Things Up – A Personal Note from Katherine

Jesus is the Lord of the Dance, and we can’t dance his dance without expecting some improvisation. Let Jesus take the lead; you’ll be surprised the places he will take you and the joys you will discover. – Katherine Walden (2006) Hello, my friend! I figure I can call you friend as most of you […]