In Search of Significance

You will never find significance outside of your relationship with God. Believe who He says you are and speak from that assurance.

There is something I have discovered. I  will never find my significance in my ministry, occupation, or social standing. My significance will never be determined by the number of people who read this blog or follow me on social media. My significance won’t be found in how great a leader I am, how amazing a […]

What Father Wants Their Child to Doubt His Love?

Do you doubt that God will come through for you? Do you secretly wonder if you’ve jumped through enough hoops for Him to finally notice your attempts to get His attention? What if He really is the rewarder of your child-like faith and you don’t have anything to prove to Him? Transcript of the video […]

There’s Nothing More I Can Do

There’s nothing more you can do to prove that you are worthy of salvation. In fact, there is NOTHING you can to prove that you are worthy! Unlike a driver’s license, your salvation is never up for renewal, there is no re-licensing test to pass. Video Transcript (Video Below) [00:00:00] Hi and welcome back to […]

God’s not a Sugar Daddy?

Some Christians think that if they quote enough Bible verses they can twist God’s arm and get what they want. What if God wants to give us much more than what we think we need to survive? Video Transcript: [00:00:05] Hi and welcome to Daily Bible Promises with a twist. I’m Katherine and if you […]