I Got a Question

Assume a question is coming from a heart that is genuinely curious and you'll find you have a lot more grace for those few who truly are just trying to be annoying.

I just watched a YouTube video from a channel I’ve watched for the last couple of years. (Roots and Refuge Farm) Jess is a homesteader and an avid gardener. She and her husband used to be in full-time ministry but now their ‘ministry’ is their farm and by using Youtube and other platforms, they educate […]

Newcomers Need Loving Helpers

Christianity can be a confusing land to naviagate for newcomers to our faith. How attentive are you to their needs?

My church is blessed to be multicultural, and over the years we have fellowshipped with newcomers who immigrated to Canada from Sudan, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Congo and other non-English speaking nations.  As I was in missions for several years, something deep inside me is fed as I look across the congregation, and witness so many […]