God of All Comfort

It is gut wrenching to watch a loved one process grief but we must resist using platitudes and exhortations - the best way to help is to simply be with them.

One morning, I was Zooming with a group of friends about the rare gift of a friend who knows how to just ‘be’ with you as you process through grief. That friend who sits with you without offering platitudes. That friend who quietly listens and gives hugs when needed, and stays with you in your […]

It’s not Just in the Sweet By-and-By

God’s strengthening comfort is available to us today and not just in the sweet by-and-by when He dries all our tears. His comfort strengthens and bolsters us and keeps us grounded, right now, right when we need it! Video Transcript Hi and welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a Twist. And as always, we […]