He Called YOU to Carry His Message – Be Yourself

He called you to carry his message, don't allow intimidation to cause you to play a role.

Sacrificially stepping into God’s calling does not mean everything will be clear sailing. In fact, if Biblical narratives are any indication, the opposite seems to be the norm. However, if you study those same narratives, you’ll quickly learn that the safest place a child of God can be is in His loving hands even in […]

What Fear is Lurking Behind Your Pride?

Insecurity and fear are easily masked by pride and false humility. When we don’t think we measure up, we can easily present ourselves as something we really aren’t. Video Transcript [00:00:00] Hi there and Welcome back to Daily Bible promises with a Twist. [00:00:04] Today, as always, we’ll be starting with the New International Version. […]