Katherine Walden's latest book, Not Always All Together, dismantles myths, preconceptions and misconceptions many people hold about doing family with the Body of Christ. Warm, inviting, often humourous, always encouraging.

Not Always All Together


Hi, I’m Katherine Walden, and I’d like to ask you a question. Are Christians really supposed to be the ones who’ve got it all together all the time? If the title of my book, “Not Always All Together“, is any indication, I certainly don’t believe so.

Some people believe that most Christians enjoy lives that radiate continuous health, wealth, and happiness while living in perfect harmony within the Body of Christ. No one messes up, no one has any doubts, and no one ever gets hurt. Except them. Really?

Katherine Walden's latest book, Not Always All Together, dismantles myths, preconceptions and misconceptions many people hold about doing family with the Body of Christ.

As you journey through this sometimes humorous, sometimes challenging thirty-one-day devotional, you’ll discover the many myths and lies many Christians buy into while doing life within the Body of Christ. Rich with stories from my Christian walk, Not Always All Together offers you the opportunity to set aside some of those misconceptions and embrace the truth by applying practical applications provided at the end of each chapter.

Additional bonus content may be found on Youtube as I have recorded 31 videos, one for each chapter of the book. You’ll find more stories, insight, and wisdom in these short video clips! If you are here for a sneak peek, please note the entire library of videos won’t be made public all at once. I will be releasing them throughout Mid-August to Mid-September 2017. To learn more details on how to ensure you are notified when new videos are released, check out this informational video.

However, videos will be uploaded on a regular basis during the first month of the book’s release.

Not Always All Together is written for both the individual and group alike. Find freedom as you release yourself and others from the false expectation that Christians have to have their act together at all times.

Our Heavenly Father created us to do life as a family. He warmly invites us, imperfections and all, to come together to do His perfect will. So, let’s begin!


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What Others are Saying:

Not Always All Together” by Katherine Walden is a devotional recipe for finding beauty and growth in the mess of life. Katherine weaves a mix of life stories with the application of God’s word. Through her own transparency, humour, (and a tasty bean casserole recipe), she comforts, delights, and challenges the reader to a new perspective. Katherine doesn’t let her reader get away with admiring jewels of spiritual wisdom. No, she sets you up, for breakthrough!

Sue Carpenter – Carpenter’s Cross Ministries

Katherine’s writings help you come into a deeper place of intimacy with God, help you love yourself, and show the true treasure of the Kingdom. As Katherine writes, she is a vessel for Holy Spirit, and what you read is His heart. I have to confess that sometimes I’m too busy to hear what He is saying, and too focused on myself to see His majesty. These devotionals help me see what I’m missing and “Not Always All Together” helps me find that missing piece.

Dennis Wood – Twice Blessed Ministries

Not Always All Together,” Katherine’s third devotional, is her best yet. Her honest and vulnerable stories taken from a lifetime of serving God will first disarm you and then hit you right between the eyes with truths that have to be acted on. This is not a book you can read quickly unless your heart is locked away so much it can’t be touched. These devotionals are to be savoured, meditated on, and lived out in the world so their truth can permeate your life and lead you deeper into Christ.

John Spencer – Author of “The Lost Parables” series

If you enjoy new adventures in life and yet you are also comforted by what is common to us all, then “Not Always All Together” is definitely a devotional that will bless your heart. Katherine takes us on an adventure, weaving the common threads and surprises that touch our lives each and every day. A refreshing new twist to an age-old message: God loves us and He sees us in our daily walk with Him. This devotional is both challenging and comforting. I highly recommend it.

Julie Smude – YWAM Thailand

I love this book of short stories (devotionals) and the corresponding scriptures Katherine includes! Each one challenges me to draw closer to God and encourages me to live my life in a way that would be beneficial to those around me. And not just my children and friends but also the strangers I might meet in my daily travels. Her “lessons” fill me with hope and inspire me to make a difference, even while I’m still on my own journey and even before I get it “all together.”

Howard Henig – Redding, CA

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